Regan lloyd: solving all your problems*


In addition to performing, I also work as a personal assistant. If there is a job you don't need me physically in your house to do, you can probably outsource it to me. Although I am based in London, I take on jobs from people all over, and sometimes the time difference can be an advantage as I might be able to finish a job for you overnight!

Some of the jobs I have done recently are:

  • Creating websites for delightful musicians David Dower and Ali Bodycoat
  • Rewriting company policies for a dental surgery to ensure they comply with business quality standards, and reformatting all of the policy documents for consistency in branding
  • Designing a logo for a local rowing team (who went on to win a silver medal internationally. These might not be related. But also they might! Let's be optimistic!)

why would i pay you to do my boring tasks?

If "because they are boring and I don't want to do them myself" is not enough of an answer, please read on.

You might outsource work because you are too busy to get everything done for your business, or you don't want to employ an actual employee and worry about superannuation/holidays/making room in the office for them. You might have to look up places for a holiday but it's detracting from time with your family. Or you might just genuinely hate using Excel and want to bring joy to one of those weirdos who could quite happily do data entry all day (hello!).

Whatever it is, we can develop a solution that works for you. 


I don't really need a whole second website for the podcast. This is the sort of common sense you could really use in an assistant.


Very easily! Send me an email at with an outline of what you would like done and we can go from there.