*Mostly. I don't know where you left your keys.


I'm Regan, an Australian-born and London-based project coordinator ready to solve all of your organisational problems using colour-coded systems, my weird love for data entry and ridiculous typing speeds (90wpm, if you were wondering).




What is a project coordinator?

Someone who provides solutions so you can spend your time more meaningfully - whether that is through growing your business, spending time with your family, or having the mental space to focus on pursuits you've been putting off for years like learning the ukulele. It doesn't have to be a major project - something that will save you a few hours is just as important as a months-long major project.


How it works and pricing

Contact me with a brief to let me know what you need done and the timeframe. I'll get back to you to discuss the intricacies and parameters of the project, and we'll go from there. 

You can hire me for: 

  • hourly task-based work (e.g. document formatting, sending thank you cards after an event)
  • monthly contract work (e.g. inbox management)
  • defined projects (e.g. grant proposals, website building)

Prices start at £16 per hour, with discounts for weekly or monthly contracts. Contact me for further info.

What sort of work can you do?

Follow up on outstanding invoices! Online research! Appointment setting! Document formatting! Compiling and sending newsletters! Database entries! Chasing business! Inbox management! Award and grant applications! Finding a great birthday present! Other things listed here! Other things not listed there!